Window §hopping Mobile

Window§hopping Retail POS (Point Of Sale)

“Window §hopping Mobile is a handy & professional tool designed to speed-up the core process of retail business like Order, Goods Receipt, Sales, Stocktaking, customer sales etc. This application can be used by managers, internal staff or your customer as well.”

Warehouse Handling

You can perform stock counting on PDA devise and later on update it into ERP back office. It will update your current stock into the system or the system will adjust the difference into current stock status, alerting the warehouse staffs who are in charge of taking further plan of action.


Modern technologies allow different and more effective work patterns than before. With Data Nova's mobile solution you can take your whole business system with you, either on a Smart Phone or a Tablet. Window§hopping Retail and ERP works seamlessly and wirelessly on mobile devices providing you uninterrupted access to the system so that you are able to serve customers and maintain the shops on the go.

One solution, many platforms

We appreciate that individuals and organisations have personal preference therefore our solution can run on different mobile plateforms, therefore you can choose the device that suits your needs best

PDA Terminals

Perform all warehouse functions with any of the proven PDA models. We not only develop solutions but can also deliver the terminals.

Mobile Phone As Scanner

Use the iPhone's camera to scan items and perform all key functions in the solution via wireless network.

Mobile Point of Sale

Data Nova has a light version solution of Window§hopping Retail which can be used directly on an iPad or a tablet.

If you want to convey more to your clients but your software restricts you, Try our solutions.