Window§hopping E-Commerce Solution


"Window§hopping E-Commerce Solution gives a virtual Shopping experience to your customers on web. The beauty of our solution is it's integration with our Back office ERP which runs your web shop & street shop simultaneously from a single platform."

B2B & B2C E-Commerce Solutions

Window§hopping E-Commerce solution supports both type of work flows, Business to Business & Business to Consumer. In business to business E-Commerce solution, clients can sell their products to a trader who will do further sales. Web shop owners can give user id and password to their traders and traders can give online purchase orders, track those orders and make online payment. Traders can also verify the payment paid, due and look at the history of all the transactions. On the other hand, in business to consumer E-Commerce solution, an end customer can visit the site and buy the product online.

Content Management & Social Media

Write articles, choose language, search by keyword or date all through a single interface. We give complete content management solution to our web shop clients for increasing the web site’s visibility. Our solution is a social media ready platform to engage users, to generate buzz with promotions and easy to use publishing features that will help you, get connected to your new customers.

New Happenings in web shop

Web shop owner can highlight the news and hot happenings in his shop, with the help of a moving slider on home page. Now your users won’t miss any exciting offers.

Fully integrate with Most shipping Method

Clients can easily integrate their logistics process with any 3rd party shipping or courier company to accelerate the dispatch process and a quick delivery can be guaranteed. Through this integration customers can track their order any time.

Catalogue Management

Window§hopping E-Commerce solution renders you capable to display your products as per your customers' desire. Our catalogue management tool helps web shop owner to showcase their product in a very comprehensive way and provide multiple options to users to reach to their desired product in very few clicks.

Inventory Management

Since Window§hopping E-Commerce solution is strongly integrated with Window§hopping Back office ERP, performing efficient inventory management becomes easy. Your showcased products are always updated with exact availability on web. The web shop can be linked to physical inventories and produce detailed reports on par with other outlets in the business.

If you want to convey more to your clients but your software restricts you, Try our solutions.