Window§hopping Retail POS

Window§hopping Retail POS (Point Of Sale)

"Window§hopping Retail POS is a strong application for running your sales counters @ very high speeds.Widgets,quick item buttons ,short cut keys, item search bar and Dun code are few of the provided tools that reduces the queue of customer at your sales counter even in peak hours. Its offline- online mode keeps your retail sales on the go and an automatic synchronization updates your Head office regularly."

Smiley Tools

"Emotions motivate us to take action." A smiley image is associated with the sales figure that reacts according to low or high sales at your sales counter. A sad smiley will draw the attention of a sales employee to think of a way to increase the sales while a happy smiley can keep them motivated to work hard.

Hardware Integration

Compatible with most of the available hardware devices for example Cash Drawer, CPT terminals (Carrier Packet Transport), Customer Displays, RFID readers, Weighing scales, Ticket printers, Receipt printers, Bar-code Scanners, payment gateways, etc.


These help you to create short cut keys on POS screen to accelerate the sales process, which comes in handy during high footfall. It is not only created for saleable items but also for different processes like currency, discount, category etc.

Return Management

Various types of return handling features are available in Window§hopping Retail POS like Normal Returns, Returns Against Receipt, Reclamation Returns, Return Payment, etc.

Loyalty at Your POS


POS Solution is strongly cohesive with back office ERP to run an exclusive loyalty program for different customers or shops. Now you can give a personal touch to your loyalty programs by giving a separate sales offer at a single shop which is very exclusive for this shop only and your customer will feel delightful on this special treatment. This ERP system is quite capable to create new loyalty programs through the history of customer's behavior at your all shops.

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