Window§hopping Loyalty Management

Window§hopping Loyalty Management

"Window§hopping includes a comprehensive set of loyalty management and marketing modules, which are designed to help you draw more customers to your store and utilize important information about customers buying behavior / patterns to plan exclusive loyalty programs."

Customer Register

You can prepare a register with required details of customers, who are coming to your shops and this database will be very helpful while planning various loyalty programs. This database includes important information about any customer like their buying patterns, preferences, likes, dislikes, marriage anniversaries, birthdays etc. This information can be collected through Window§hopping Retail Solution, ERP or Web shop and can help in preparing a membership program which includes coupons, offers, and awareness campaign etc.

Smart Card

Smart Card

Our Loyalty module supports smart cards which can be customized for your special need. Retailers can give this card to the clients along with gift vouchers, so that whenever clients come with their cards, sales person can retrieve the entire data and process the sales transactions. Following the services can be offered with the help of smart cards:

  • Prepaid card - your customer can recharge this card and can use it at any of your retail outlets for buying the product.
  • Gift voucher - You can offer your customer a free buying on their next visit, which can develop the feeling of loyalty for your shop. This will guarantee your client's next visit.
  • Currency Change – Many a times customer gives currency note but sales counters struggle to provide currency change, wasting time and sometimes losing customer. But through our solution customers can be credited with the difference in amount, which can be used to buy any other product of same value in the next visit.
  • Various other programs can be launched for clients using customized loyalty program.

Promotions / Campaign

Our systems can notify customers about various promotional schemes based on the available details of customers via the following channels:

  • SMS or MMS
  • E - Mail
  • Distribution of push messages to smartphones
  • Communication via social media

Mix & Matched

Retailer can prepare a discount matrix on sales volume for any walk-in customer and against that particular buying volume, customers can avail pre-defined discounts. In addition, Head Office can plan any particular time period for such promotions . The retailers can also entertain their special customers with special discounts at a particular shop.

Uninterrupted Selling To Loyal Customers

Due to data synchronization issues with Head office, many customers cannot make payments with their smart cards and retailers may have to lose the sales/customers, But in Window§hopping Loyalty Module all the client's data can be saved locally in parallel to central server, so customers can shop continuously without any interruptions.

If you want to convey more to your clients but your software restricts you, Try our solutions.