Window§hopping Back Office ERP

Back Office ERP System

Window §hopping Back office ERP is a complete back office operation tool which controls everything from product registration, sales & orders, billing, E-commerce, supply chain to loyalty systems of retail businesses.

Window §hopping Back office ERP is compatible with most industry verticals like Fashion Retail, Food & Beverages Retail, Grocery Retail & Specialized Retail. Our ERP solution brings along countless benefits to our retail clients hence imparting peace of mind to business stakeholders including business owners, employees, vendors and their valuable clients.

Customized User Interface

Window §hopping Back Office ERP has been developed on our in-house graphical draw interface which differentiates our ERP from others and bring an everlasting experience to our users. The Graphical draw interface makes this ERP highly flexible and "customize as you require" kind of a software. A user can have multiple workspaces on a single screen. (S)he is free to pick and drop information or item from one screen to another. A separate tab button is also available to hide the unused links enabling users to increase their productivity.

Window §hopping Mobile

Window §hopping Mobile is a handy tool to accelerate the sales and warehouse processes through PDA devices or Mobile phones. You can perform all warehouse functions with one of our proven PDA models. We provide both, solutions and the terminals. Just imagine you are showcasing your product at some product fair or expo and you want a single application through which you can receive the product in stock there itself, hence enabling you to sell them at the same time.

Head Office, Ware House & Stores at single platform


Window §hopping Back Office ERP provides a single platform for all the functionality to run either at head office or retail store. This feature enables Head office to give rights to a warehouse or any outlet store to take some strategic decision in order to increase the profit on a particular entity. Just imagine, one of your shops wants to give some discounts to a particular customer who is very loyal but you don't want to change any other shop's pricing so now your loyal customer will become more loyal to you as you only offer a special discount to that customer.

Inbuilt Marketing tools

Window §hopping Back Office ERP gives you a powerful tool which connects your product with social media. It increases the visibility of your product by extending its reach, enabling you to get recognition from users. This tool also provides several other ways of marketing like SMS campaign, Email campaign and MMS campaign.

Separate Stocks Allocation

We know our clients have both type of retail outlets physical as well as virtual, here physical means a brick and mortar retail outlet and virtual means online retail outlets. Our Window §hopping Solutions provide features to a vendor to showcase their preferred products on online store and handle its stocks separately and once the item is sold online, a separate stock will update itself automatically without changing the physical retail stocks.


Most of the auditors and business are already using the Tally ERP for accounting and Statutory Reports. Hence we have successfully integrated our Retail ERP with Tally ERP 9 as an ease to those who want to use it for accounting, Statutory Reports and audit purpose. We also can provide our system's API to our customers in case they want to integrate our solution with outer third party accounting package for their convenience.

Kitchen Operation

In Food & Beverages retailing, Window §hopping Back Office ERP support all types of kitchen operations whether it's Quick Services Restaurants or Fine Dine Restaurants.

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